How to merge many PST files into single Outlook PST?

To know the complete process to merge many PST files into single PST file, download Merge PST Software and go through the steps mentioned below –

Step.1 Install the program Once you install and launch Merge PST software on your system, the first image is displayed as –

install merge pst tool

Step.2 Adding PST files Choose either file or Folder mode and then you have to add PST files on the software panel. For this, use the Browse button and add as many PST files as you want.

add pst files

You will find the list of the added PST files on the software panel.

Step.3 Choose Merge options You will get multiple options by which you can combine PST files.

select merge options

Merge in similar folders – this will combine and keep PST files in similar folders.

Create separate folder for each PST – a new folder is created for each PST file.

Apart from this, you will get several other options to choose the items (contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, etc.) that you want to combine.

Ignore empty folders – Mark this option and this will filter all blank folders from the files before merging them.

Step.4 Specify the location for resultant PSTNow, use the Browse button and provide any location of your system where you want to save the resultant PST file.

Step.5 Start Merging To begin the process of merging Outlook PST files, move the mouse pointer to Start Merging Now option.

Within a few minutes, a single PST file gets ready by comibining various PST files.

Important note: If you have a demo edition, you are eligible to combine only 10 items per folder of PST. Upgrade to the shareware and combine unlimited database of PST files.