Merge PST Pro

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Steps to Merge Outlook PST Files

Check step by step procedure to merge multiple Outlook PST files into single one

STEP 1: Run Merge PST Pro and click on "Add files" button to select the .pst files to merge into single PST file.

Add PST Files


STEP 2: To select destination path, simply click on "Browse" button as shown below.

Browse Destination


STEP 3: Now, you need to select merging option. There are five options available to do same task.

1. Merge by creating new folder for each PST.
2. Merge all contents in similar folders.
3. Merge only contacts.
4. Merge only inbox.
5. Select standard folder to be merged.

Merging Options


STEP 4: In last, click on "Merge Now" button to merge .pst files.

Merge PST Files